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The Connecticut Falconers Association was formed to promote the safe and ethical practice of the sport of falconry in Connecticut. We are dedicated to the health and welfare of all birds of prey and are committed to promoting conservation of birds of prey and an appreciation of their value in nature and in wildlife conservation programs.


We take pride in being good stewards of the environment and working closely with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to help preserve habitat and ensure healthy wild raptor populations. Working as a hunting partner with these wild predators requires great patience, devotion and a deep appreciation for nature.


Becoming a licensed falconer requires knowledge, dedication, time, and a strong commitment to the well being of birds of prey. Since all raptors are protected by state, federal, and international law, all potential falconers must obtain the necessary permits and licenses before acquiring a hawk or practicing falconry.


Falconry Demonstrations: The members of the Connecticut Falconers Association do not perform falconry demonstrations through the club. For information on falconry demonstrations and presentations, please click on General Falconry or visit the General Falconry page under links.

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